"Students with parents who are involved in their school tend to have fewer behavioral problems and better academic performances, and are more likely to complete high school than studnts whose parents are not involved in their school" - ChildTrends

Services in English & Spanish 

Active Parenting Now
  • Styles of Parenting
  • Active Communication
  • Effective Discipline
  • The Power of Encouragement
  • Eliminating Power Struggles
  • Why Children Misbehave
Mental Health First Aid Training
8 hours in-person training/certification that teaches how to help people developing a mental illness or in a crisis. 
  • Signs of addiction and Mental Illness
  • Impact of Mental & Substance Abuse
  • 5 Steps Action Plan to access the situation
  • Local resources and where to turn for help.

Personal Development

Covering activities to improve awareness and develop talents that facilitates employability, enhance the quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

*Self Esteem, Emotional Development, Finances, starting a business and more...

Parents On Board - Parent Involvement in School
  • Children's Learning Style
  • A Good Homework Environment
  • Parent-Teacher Relationships
  • Encouraging Motivation
  • Strengthening Reading Skills
  • Promoting Positive Behaviors
  • Supporting Teachers
School Aged Children
  • Understanding your Child's Temperament
  • Effective Discipline
  • Let's Talk About Sex
  • Effective Communication
  • Adolescence: Adult in Progress
  • Preparing your Child to Succeed at School
  • Bullying in Schools
  • Nutrition & Fitness
  • Understanding Feelings: Emotions
  • Character Building: Teaching Values
  • Self Esteem
  • and many more....

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